• "We strive to achieve our goals on time"
  • "Our results should be an added positive outcome to our customers' life"
  • "You are what you repeatedly DO"
  • "Perfection is in the details but perfection is not a detail."
  • "We favor and reward teamwork"
  • "Our approach is a full entity of craftsmanship in the service of researched glazing for optimal design"
  • "Methodology is the basis of our success."
  • "We believe that quality is our best product."


Being a consumer-focused organization that presents superior systems for every situation based on an international fabrication network committed to excellence with demonstrated client compliance. We have came to see that for the best of this compliance a fool proof manufacturing and installation process and revision is presented as following to guarantee a quality label product till the final handing-over stage. Our technical and operation staff provides innovative solutions to design concepts by working closely with the client from the design till the hand-over stage.

Cost Estimate- Value Engineering o meet budget constraints

After the project orientation has been understood, based on either finished architectural drawings that need to be constructed, or, based on a project idea where our solution is required, pricing and recommendations are presented.The pricing is issued upon a bill of quantity that encloses full material need.Recommendations highlight risky or weak points in the proposed systems and provide a solution for overall system strength and durability.

Shop Drawings for clients’ approval prior to execution

Preparation work starts with a study of the architectural and construction drawings.The drawings are re-checked and any modifications to the tender drawings are highlighted. Consequently, the aluminum shop drawings can be launched. The elevations are drawn for the entire curtain wall, windows and doors. Detailed sectional drawings are drawn for each type of application. The drawings are checked by the project manager and then submitted for approval. The drawings will be issued in several copies to the client, consultant, and main contractor an additional office copy for AG Building Systems SAL and one for the site manager / supervisor.

Fabrication and Installation method Statements

1. Protection: A top quality plastic protective tape will insure aluminum profiles are not damaged or scratched during handling in the factory or during transportation and installation on site.
2. Fabrication: The factory is equipped with major machines for the fabrication of aluminum works from the world leader brand name ELUMATEC-Germany. More importantly, the factory is equipped with a full range of TECHNAL punching tools used on manual or pneumatic presses to carry out all the machining processes on the profiles.
3. Transportation: All gaskets and accessories will be stored in their original packing to prevent any damages or scratches, not touching the ground to avoid any damage by moisture, dust or humidity.
4. Installation: The frames will be installed by experienced workers supervised by technicians with a high level of experience in installation of TECHNAL systems.Once the installation of the frames is executed, a second team of workers will install the glass.
5. Handing Over: After installation is complete, aluminum and glazing works are checked with the site finishing supervisors and any comment is noted. After the final adjustments are completed, a cleaning team will remove all the protective tape and clean all the aluminum frames and glass.