• "We strive to achieve our goals on time"
  • "Our results should be an added positive outcome to our customers' life"
  • "You are what you repeatedly DO"
  • "Perfection is in the details but perfection is not a detail."
  • "We favor and reward teamwork"
  • "Our approach is a full entity of craftsmanship in the service of researched glazing for optimal design"
  • "Methodology is the basis of our success."
  • "We believe that quality is our best product."

About Us

“Going beyond aluminum, gearing up from customer dependability to leading consultancy. ’’

We are working constantly to acquire applications and machinery of higher technologies and our cooperation with worldwide producers, such as Hydro and Saint Gobain, has proven to be, not only a good solution for our evolution but also a solution for our customer’s best interest.

AG provides a good example of the hardworking and preserving work that represents our company’s dedication and aspiration towards present and future goals that bring you a little bit closer to supreme comfort and harmony within your living and working spaces.

We believe in the power of glazing and in the benefits it yields in the event of being used wisely. Our vision extends to a world where people live in utmost comfort and serenity. Where energy use is minimized and its deteriorating hazard on the environment no longer exist. Through well studied glazed habitats, working places are warmed through winter sunlight and cooled down amidst summer time. Spaces are maximized through large glazing surfaces and breathe out to the external world. Homes become more personal than ever and their environment toned down to mental serenity. Aluminum and glass give you the opportunity of creating a compact entourage that you can regulate to personal needs of acoustics, temperature and aesthetics. And we believe that everyone should be given the gift of such an opportunity.

Our glass is treated to crumble into harmless smithereens of unsharp edges in the case of a domestic accident. And will hold up against each other into a strong sheath in case of attempted vandalism or breakage. Exposed rooms can be enjoyed all year round as climate enhancement can be much more profitable than concrete walled rooms. We believe that our duty is day-to-day enhancement for a more comfort home in every space that has AG Building Systems SAL.