• "We strive to achieve our goals on time"
  • "Our results should be an added positive outcome to our customers' life"
  • "You are what you repeatedly DO"
  • "Perfection is in the details but perfection is not a detail."
  • "We favor and reward teamwork"
  • "Our approach is a full entity of craftsmanship in the service of researched glazing for optimal design"
  • "Methodology is the basis of our success."
  • "We believe that quality is our best product."



AG Building Fabrication

Trained workers, supervised by experienced technicians, carry out all fabrication works in the factory. The fabrication workers have more than 10 years experence in TECHNAL systems. The supervisors acquired experience exceeding 15 years in the systems used from works carried out locally or in other parts of the world. The factory is equipped with major machines for the fabrication of aluminum works from the world leader brand name ELUMATEC-Germany.
5 Axis double head cutting machine, 4 Axis CNC, Double head cutting machine, Crimping machine, Routing machine, Milling machine, two way notching saw, Composite panels saw, as well as a complete range of power tools. The factory also comprises an air-conditioned dust free glazing room for structural glazing applications. More importantly, the factory is equipped with a full range of TECHNAL punching tools used on manual or pneumatic presses to carry out all the machining processes on the profiles. The punching tools will insure machining to very accurate tolerances to receive the different accessories, and thus guarantee a final product that will comply with the international criteria for performance and quality. Frames are fabricated in the fac┬Čtory to ensure high quality and reduce risk of damage or scratches to the works