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  • "Our results should be an added positive outcome to our customers' life"
  • "You are what you repeatedly DO"
  • "Perfection is in the details but perfection is not a detail."
  • "We favor and reward teamwork"
  • "Our approach is a full entity of craftsmanship in the service of researched glazing for optimal design"
  • "Methodology is the basis of our success."
  • "We believe that quality is our best product."



AG Building Systems SAL Installation Procedure

Once the finishing work starts, and the site is relatively clean, frame installation can be initiated. The frames will be installed by experienced workers supervised by technicians with a high level of experience in installation of TECHNAL systems. Consumable materials used for the installation are of top quality (HILTI or SPIT for fasteners and anchors, TREMCO or DOWCORNING for silicone, 1st class backer rod…). Once the installation of the frames is executed, a second team of workers will install the glass. Throughout the duration of the installation works, one team of workers will ensure that the protective tape is applied to the frames at all times. This team is responsible for replacing all damaged or off-torn tapes, so that the frames are protected all the time.¬†Coordination: AG Building Systems SAL representative on site will attend all site and coordination meetings in order to ensure continuous cooperation with the client and site management personnel. To achieve the goals within the main program/schedule, AG Building Systems SAL representative will issue weekly reports to site management personnel. The report includes details on the progress of fabrication and installation works, as well as any problems encountered during installation